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IPL ELight is new technology that combines the benefits of both IPL (intense pulsed light) and RF (Radio Frequency) together.

Combined you will see a stronger effect for –

Skin Rejuvenation
Skin Tightening
Reducing Sun Spots and Age Spots
Healing active Acne
Reducing Rocasea and facial redness
Reduces enlarged pores
Gives a healthier complexion and appearance to the skin with reduced blemishes
Acculaser has performed hundreds of IPL treatments for clients and with excellent results. Many of these clients have written kind reveiws and testimonials on our website.

IPL ELight and it’s benefits-

1. It has anti-ageing effects.

It leaves all skin types looking tighter, firmer and smoother by stimulating the fibroblasts that create collagen. As we grow older these fibroblasts diminish and the collagen becomes ‘mushy’ in texture resulting in wrinkles. Therefore the Skin Rejuvenation treatment, after stimulating the collagen, gives an amazing overall treatment that tightens the skin and decreases very fine lines. It smooths the skins texture. Both the face and body can be treated.

The added Radio Frequency in the Elight Skin Rejuvenation treatment gives a stronger effect for anti-ageing as Radio Frequency heats and stimulates the collagen to give it an added boost and this will result in healthier cells and skin.

2.Reduces enlarged pores.

Due to it’s tightening effect on the skin IPL Elight is an excellent treatment to help close enlarged pores. We do not recommend the old fashioned extraction methods as they can cause broken capillaries so a combination of Dermal Peels is ideal to break down blackheads and the IPL to close the pores.

3. Reduces facial redness.

IPL (Intense pulsed light) is naturally drawn to blood so is used to lessen facial redness such as Rosacea skin types and those with thread veins that can appear over the face with age.

4. Reduces certain pigmentation and sun damage.

IPL is also naturally attracted to pigmentation and so can be used on certain types of pigmentation to help reduce sun spots from sun damage. However other types of pigmentation such as Melasma cannot be treated in this way and better results will be seen by having specialised Dermal Peels such as the Target Peel or the Dermamelan Peel.

5. Heals active Acne.

IPL is naturally anti-bacterial and will cauterise infection from spots so calming acne and breakouts. For post acne hyperpigmentation Dermal Peels are advised and Dermarolling is ideal to heal pock marks post acne.


IPL ELight treatments should be spaced at 1-3 weekly intervals initially for the first course of 6, then treatments can be extended to every 4-8 weeks for general maintenance. There is no downtime post treatment but you are recommended to wear an SPF 50. Treatments are sold in courses of 3, 6 and 9 with discounts of up to 30%.

Skin Rejuvenation

Facial Redness / Rosacea


IPL ELight Skin Rejuvenation
Face- £150 (x3=£380) (x6=£720)

IPL ELight Treatment


Neck- £95 (x3=£242) (x6=£456)

IPL ELight Treatment


Decollete- £125 (x3=£318) (x6=£600)

IPL ELight Treatment


Back of Hands (for sun/age spots and skin tightening)- £125 (x3=£320) (x6=£600)

IPL ELight Hand Treatment

Open hours: 10.00-19.00 Man-Sat

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